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Virginia Estate Planning Attorney Explains Benefits of Donating Stock with a Low Basis

Fairfax, VA (Law Firm Newswire) March 21, 2017 –
Many people consider making gifts to qualified charitable organizations in an effort to lower their possible estate income tax liability while helping a worthwhile cause. Potential donors should be careful to gift only the “right kind” of stock, and not the “wrong kind.”

If a person is making a contribution of stock that was owned for more than one year, the owner’s tax deduction is decided by the stock’s fair market value. Therefore, if the owner donates stock with a low basis that was held for a lengthy period of time, the increase in value is never subject to tax. On the other hand, if the owner donates stock held for one year or less, the owner is required to use the basis, or cost, as the amount contributed.

Respected Vienna, Virginia estate planning attorney Lisa McDevitt says, “Those who are contemplating making donations of stock to charity are recommended to consult an estate planning attorney who will advise them to gift stock with a low basis so that they will incur the lowest tax liability.”

Thus, it is best to donate long-term stock with a low basis and retain stock with a high basis, particularly if it is held for a short amount of time. Consider the following scenarios. An individual purchased Stock A some years ago for $10,000, and it is currently worth $20,000. In addition, the owner acquired Stock B earlier in the year for $15,000, and it is now worth $15,500. If the owner donates Stock B prior to the end of the year, the deduction will be limited to $15,000, which is the owner’s basis in the stock. However, if the owner donates Stock A instead, the deduction will be $20,000, and the owner will never pay tax on the appreciation of $10,000.

If the stock has declined in value, and the owner will benefit from a tax loss by year-end, the owner can sell the stock and then make a donation of the proceeds to charity. The alternative is to donate the stock, and realize a deduction that is limited to the fair market value of the stock.

Lisa Lane McDevitt
2155 Bonaventure Drive
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Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Law: This Month in Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Bigger Law Firm Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

BLF Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 20, 2017 – Bigger Law Firm magazine delivers another issue jam-packed with in-depth stories on the intersection of law, technology, and marketing.

In this month’s feature story, Roxanne Minott reports that artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to take hold in the legal industry. Attorneys are increasingly using advanced AI software to perform repetitive tasks, parse contracts, and review documents with greater accuracy and less labor. Tech startups and researchers are developing more cutting-edge use cases such as recruitment, public legal tools, and even prediction of actual judgments. Minott closes with a peek into the compelling future for legal artificial intelligence.

Virtual reality isn’t just for games anymore. As Ryan Conley explains in BLF’s “Law + Tech,” VR has already helped German prosecutors make their case against some of the last suspected Nazi war criminals. The imagery displayed in VR systems already exists today as 360-degree photographs and videos, as well as computer-generated graphics. But head-mounted displays allow jurors to freely look about the scene of a crime or accident and recreate past events and circumstances.

BLF’s legal marketing experts know what makes legal content compelling. In this month’s “Messaging” update, Brendan Conley borrows from some of the fundamental tenets of journalism to show how to hook readers and draw them in. Conley spells out three surefire journalistic techniques that your firm’s marketing team needs to keep in mind when writing press releases, blog posts, and other content.

Guest contributor Stacy King, Executive Director of the Federal Bar Association, brings her expertise to bear in “Obiter Dicta.” King extolls the powerful and varied benefits of community outreach and community service for growing law firms. Brand recognition and networking are clear assets, but more subtle effects include increased employee engagement and education. King shows how specific types of outreach can enhance your firm’s reputation in unexpected ways.

In “Virtual Impression,” Dipal Parmar shows the reader the magic of user generated content. UGC is valuable to a law firm, and not just because the firm’s marketing team doesn’t have to create it. User generated content, including testimonials, questions, comments, and social media, is often seen as authentic and trustworthy. Parmar gives examples of how firms can acquire and best utilize UGC.

Justin Torres brings this month’s Policy update, reading the political winds to see what the future might hold for net neutrality under the Trump administration. Kerrie Spencer reports on a fascinating case in Arkansas, where investigators want to try to use a recording by Amazon’s Echo or “Alexa” personal assistant to solve a murder. And Dexter Tam wraps things up with a detailed look at a subtle change to Google’s search results and its implications for SEO.

Watch your mailbox or visit www.biggerlawfirm.com today and get up to speed on the bleeding edge of legal tech.

Bigger Law Firm Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

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Brill Legal Group’s Podcast Justice One Client at a Time Now Available on iTunes

New York, NY(Law Firm Newswire) March 30, 2017 – The inaugural episode of Brill Legal Group’s podcast Justice One Client at a Time is now available for free on iTunes.

The 15-minute episode is titled Trump’s Travel Ban and the Courts and features prominent New York criminal defense attorney Peter Brill. In the podcast Brill discusses the constitutionality of President Trump’s recent controversial travel ban and offers insights on how the case could play out in court. He also takes questions from several callers.

Trump signed an executive order in late January that banned all refugees and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries — Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen — from entering the United States. The action resulted in chaos at airports across the country and left many people in limbo. While some individuals were detained in U.S. airports, others were barred from boarding flights overseas. The action also impacted green card holders and those with valid visas.

In the podcast, Brill addresses some of the legal implications of the travel ban against the backdrop of constitutional rights. The executive order has raised concerns about the Trump administration illegally targeting people based on their religion in violation of the First Amendment.

Federal courts have currently placed the travel ban on hold. However, White House officials said they were drafting a new executive order to replace the original one in order to address the issues raised by judges. The second executive order was also put on hold.

Brill is the founder of Brill Legal Group, a criminal defense and disciplinary hearings law firm in New York. With nearly 20 years of experience, Brill is one of only two lawyers in the state to be certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Criminal Law.

Each episode of Brill Legal Group’s podcast will examine issues that affect people’s rights. To listen to the latest episode, visit iTunes.

15 Maiden Lane, Suite 1500
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-233-4141
Toll Free: 888-309-8876

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Honors Abound for Lenzo & Reis

Lenzo & Reis, LLC
Employment Attorneys

Morristown, NJ (Law Firm Newswire) March 20, 2017 – This March is a red-letter month for Lenzo & Reis, a well-known and well-regarded New Jersey plaintiffs’ employment law firm.

Both Christopher Lenzo and Claudia Reis have been selected for inclusion in the New Jersey Super Lawyers list published in New Jersey Monthly Magazine in the fields of Employment & Labor Law and Employment Litigation for Plaintiffs. Attorneys are selected for inclusion on the Super Lawyers list through a multi-faceted approach that takes into consideration peer nominations, evaluations, and independent research performed by legal publisher Thomson Reuters.

As if Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis were not honored enough to be included in the Super Lawyers list, they were also selected for inclusion in the Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers list. This was the fourth consecutive year that Chris was included on the Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers list. In addition to being included on the Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers list, Claudia was also selected for inclusion on the Top 50 Women New Jersey Super Lawyers. This is Claudia’s second consecutive year of being included on both lists. Attorneys are selected for inclusion in the Top 100 New Jersey Super Lawyers and Top 50 Women New Jersey Super Lawyers lists through a peer selection process.

The fact that Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis have been recognized in this way by their peers comes as no surprise to those familiar with their law practice. As attorneys committed to clients facing harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, Chris Lenzo and Claudia Reis stand by their motto to “fight as hard as you work.”

No part of this advertisement has been approved by the Supreme Court of New Jersey. A full explanation of the methodology used in the Super Lawyers selection process can be found at here:

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Another Attempt at Passing a Texting Ban in Texas

Austin, TX (Law Firm Newswire) March 20, 2017 – The death of a Texas woman highlights the continuing problem of texting and driving related accidents in the state.

Faced with the prevailing attitude about texting and driving that “everyone does it,” a Central Texas man is sharing the story of his sister’s 2015 death with Texas legislators. He wants to inspire the state lawmakers to create a new law regarding distracted driving.

In November 2015 Amanda Rincker was heading home from work at approximately 11 p.m. At the intersection between the Groesbeck and Mexia city limits, along Highway 14, a car was stopped. Rincker did not see the vehicle and crashed into it at full speed. She was texting while driving and did not survive the accident.

After the accident, Rincker’s brother convinced his local government to pass an ordinance banning the use of cellphones while driving. Now, his stated mission is to have that ban cover the state of Texas. He is facing a challenge, as many previous attempts at passing a statewide ban on texting have failed. Texas is one of only four states that does not ban texting and driving.

Rincker’s brother has also been the creator of a social media campaign launched in Central Texas, called CenTex Families Against Texting and Driving. It is a call for families to band together and support each other to not text and drive.

“It’s devastating to lose someone you love in a distracted driving accident,” indicated Bobby Lee, a distracted driving attorney in Austin. “That text that seems so urgent or important? It can wait. The quick comeback to a joke? It can wait. We never used to have cellphones in vehicles and the death rate in traffic accidents was not as high as it is now. Stop. Think. Do not text and drive. It may be the last text you send.”

Lee, Gober & Reyna
11940 Jollyville Road #220-S
Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512.478.8080

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